The Power of Peaches in Ancient China

The ancient Chinese held peaches in such high regard that they believed evil spirits would cower even in the presence of peach wood or objects made of peach wood. According to Wikipedia, “When early rulers of China visited their territories, they were preceded by sorcerers armed with peach rods to protect them from spectral evils. On New Year's Eve, local magistrates would cut peach wood branches and place them over their doors to protect against evil influences.

“The Chinese also considered peach wood (t'ao-fu) protective against evil spirits, who held the peach in awe. In ancient China, peach-wood bows were used to shoot arrows in every direction in an effort to dispel evil. Peach-wood slips or carved pits served as amulets to protect a person's life, safety, and health.”

Statues or even figurines carved of peach wood were placed beside doors or gates to ward off evil, and where peace and tranquility prevailed, it was thought due to the power of the peach wood.

Something that even Harry Potter didn’t know: magic wands in ancient China were carved from peach wood. Wikipedia states, “The Li-chi (Han period) reported that the emperor went to the funeral of a minister escorted by a sorcerer carrying a peach-wood wand to keep bad influences away. Since that time, peach-wood wands have remained an important means of exorcism in China.”

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